First World Architects Studio: Project Consultants/Architects

    PROJECT: 1636 Pasadena Avenue
    Single-Family House Rehabilitation
    FWAS Job #23-DC02

    LOCATION: 1636 Pasadena Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio 45238
    DATE: September 20, 2023

    ITEM: Complete House Rehabilitation Work Scope…………………listed on website:
    1. 1. Bidding Procedures:

    A. BIDS, in writing, must be dropped off in a sealed envelope, label project as noted above to 7162 Reading Road, Suite 330 Cincinnati, Ohio 45237, on or before October 19, 2023 EST – 12 Noonall bids will be time-stamped when received; bids received after that date and time shall be considered non-compliant

    Refer to project schedule requirements. Mailed, e-mail or faxed bids will not be accepted.

    Project Consultant:
    First World Architects Studio, psc
    13 East 9th Street
    Covington, Kentucky 41011
    Attention:  B. Charles Alexander, RA  Phone: 859-250-2884
    B. Direct all questions, in writing… to B. Charles Alexander; email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. All questions must be submitted no later than October 14 by 4 pm, if an answer is required so that it can be considered in one’s bidding process. After that date, no questions will be able to be answered.

    C. This project will take to the fullest considerations legally possible to have J-RAB partner with Section 3 construction companies/contractors due to the mandate to be able to conduct hands-on construction training programs for residents while rehabilitating single-family houses, such as this one. Additional emphasis shall be on Section 3 businesses as may be applicable to particular scopes of work. J-RAB's goal will be to always maximize the use of Section 3 certified businesses and its employment potential.

    Owner’s Project Representative:
    Attention: Ms. Artia M. Mahaley

    Community Partner & Trainer,
    J-RAB, Inc.** (See EEO Policy)
    7162 Reading Road, Suite 330
    Cincinnati, Ohio 45237      Phone: 513-531-5722; ext 605

    2. Bid Documents:
    A. Bidding documents will become part of the contract documents and include the following:
    1. Bid Instructions.
    2. Work Scope Drawing and Specifications (as applicable) Dated 9/20/2023
    3. Copy of Contractor’s License or Registration (active/current)
    4. If the contractor has a specialty (mechanical, plumber, roofer, electrical) he/she/they must include their current business insurance declaration page showing coverage.
    5. Acknowledgement and acceptance of J-RAB’s Section 3 employment and training policy_____________
                                                                                                                                                    Initial & Date

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