The Business and Service Coordination Center

    J-RAB, INC. presents the Business and Service Coordination Center (BSCC)

    located at:

    1621 Linn Street, Suite 203

    Cincinnati, Ohio 45214
    J-RAB ROSS Business Service & Coordination Center's Mission

    Promoting a strong partnership with residents and CMHA that allows, us to: Empower, Advocate, Inform, Support and Educate all residents.

    The BSCC’s goals are to promote a strong partnership with the residents and CMHA that allows us to empower, advocate, inform, support and educate all our residents.

    Please call the BSCC Office at 513-954-8568 to assist or for help with the following:

    ·         employment, job training, improve education, health care, social services,

    ·         supportive services, or transportation

    ·         coordinate and develop local strategies for service plans

    ·         supportive services

    ·         legal

    ·         domestic violence

    ·         mental health

    ·         resident empowerment activities

    J-RAB says ”thank you" to all residents who joined us on October 29 th, 2016

    ·         for an early vote!

    ·         voting is a civic duty and responsibility for all!

     J-RAB Inc. is a non-partisan organization!

    Presently, J-RAB Inc. is working with Xavier University MBAXavier MBA students and their Professor to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of our Business and Service Coordination Center. Another Incline Incubator Consulting Team will help J-RAB develop their key business processes in an effort to help connect their Resident Owned Businesses to CMHA and HUD business contracts. J-RAB vision is to collectively protect tenants rights with a no-nonsense approach while promoting self-determination to resolve any issues and to also encourage a sense of humor as we strive to bring a smile to each resident’s face with every interaction. MBA Xavier students have worked with J-RAB to strategize actions for profitable growth. J-RAB team said, “For Residents by Residents”. I believe it’s a great opportunity to empower lives and make a difference in Cincinnati community. 

    ·         #forresidentsbyresidents

        BSCC Program Advisory Committee (PAC) has been established.

    The officers of the BSCC PAC have been sworn-in. They are:

    1. Delorise Calhoun, Co-Chairperson

    2. Luwana Pettus Oglesby, Secretary

    Please join us to congratulate these officers who have been entrusted with the

    responsibilities to lead on PAC.

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